June 21, 2012
Ce Faci!

Gelaine and Evelina

Hello there. I’m back again after a long truancy in Tumblr! Yay. That’s because I’m approximately 9268 kilometers away from Manila. Yes, I’m in Europe. Eastern Europe. In a city called Iasi (pronounced as: Yash) in Romania. I’ll be staying here until August for an internship in an NGO here. Apply for an AIESEC internship kasi. So far so good. They’re expecting 4 trainees (from Azerbaijan, Hong Kong and someplace-else-I-forgot) to come to Iasi for the entire summer. I happen to arrive earlier than the rest. More or less 2 weeks earlier. Pre-mature. You know that saying misery loves company? That is very true. I mean, it’s always better to have some people to share your “noob-ness” with a.k.a getting lost in the city and overspending. So far the experience has been very pleasant even though I always get looks from people here whenever I walk around. Yes, I’m foreign! 

Nicu, Evelina, Gelaine, Corneliu

The AIESEC Iasi local committee is very (I cannot express how “very”) accommodating and friendly. They make sure you feel at home with them. I only met them like in three instances but they sure do know how to make one “international” (they use this term rather than the “foreigner” we’re used to in the Philippines) feel welcome.

Mihai and Bogdan (I think it’s two of the most common names here, sobrang daming ganyang pangalan)

I’m still getting adjusted to certain things around here. I mean I have to, this is going to be what it’s like for the next 11 weeks. First, that the sun sets around nine 9-10 in the evening. Yes. 8:30 PM during the summertime here feels just like 4:00 PM back home. My body clock seems to be a sport and hasn’t been giving me a hard time though. Good job BC. People walk around a lot. Like a lot. I think I’ve never walked that much in an entire week. I like this new thing. People walk. Probably like from UP Diliman to Eastwood, they just walk that. Fuck distance. Another thing is that people rarely use umbrellas to cover themselves from the sun! They love the sun. Which sucks for me. I haven’t even found a decent umbrella here. Damn it. I also have to get used to not understanding anything when two locals talk. I mean, I love to listen to Romanian. It’s just so romantic and sexy. And that’s about it. I just love listening. I don’t get it at all. I might be able to pick up some Romanian along my internship though, which I think is pretty cool. People around here are so good looking. Enough said. I can get use to that all the time. Kidding. The commute around the city is hassle-free. People follow rules and laws. Cars politely stop for pedestrians crossing. Think Ateneo. It’s always like that. I love it. 

There are other things which I think I forgot to mention. I’ll get back to those some other time. 

And oh yeah, the kids my age here? Same. We think of the same things, we listen to the same music, watch the same movies, appreciate the same things, laugh at the same things (special thanks to 9gag) and do the same stupid things. But of course not everything.

Anyway, I’m tired. I’ve got work tomorrow. Byesies. 

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